What should I do after a car accident in Los Angeles?

What should I do after a car accident in Los Angeles?

Lluis Law is one of the most important car accident law firms in Los Angeles, with accumulated experience of more than 40 years, which has won hundreds of cases for several million dollars in agreements and verdicts. If you were injured in a car accident, you deserve to receive fair compensation and we will do everything possible to make it so.

FREE consultation and no charges, unless we win.

If you are involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, the first thing to do is to get safe, call the police and seek medical attention. Calling the police is very important because the police report will serve as evidence when filing a claim or lawsuit against the driver responsible for the accident.

After you are receiving medical treatment and your life is not compromised, you should call a good Los Angeles car accident lawyer with the ability and experience to help you recover damages and avoid setbacks with the insurance company of the guilty driver.

Often people do not know what to do after suffering a car accident. And it’s not for nothing because it are situations that take us by surprise. Nobody gets up thinking that that day will suffer a car accident, or that will be confined in an emergency room as a result of such an unfortunate event as these.

The problem is that car accidents in Los Angeles are very frequent and nobody is exempt from being involved in one at any time. Amidst the confusion and stress that accidents cause many questions arise such as:

Now who will pay the medical expenses and the repair of my car?

The driver who caused the accident doesn’t want to pay, what do I do?

How can I know if I really have a claim?

How much can my case be worth?

If the insurance of my car is expired, will the company be insured by a responsible party?

Should I talk to the representative of the other party’s insurance company?

How much time do I have to present my claim to the driver that caused the accident?

How much time do I have to sue the person responsible for my injuries?

How long will I be able to receive the compensation I am seeking?

Why do I need to hire a good accident lawyer?

All these questions and others that the victim or their family members have, can be answered by the car accident lawyers of Lluis Law in Los Angeles in a free consultation and without any commitment. Remember that in California to file and win a claim or claim for personal injury, it is necessary to prove the liability (negligence) of the guilty person or company.

What should you do after the accident?

Knowing what to do after the car accident is key to guaranteeing medical treatment and then recovering physical, financial and material damages. Sometimes for lack of advice and inexperience of people, insurance companies take advantage and reject claims with deceptive and tangled allegations.

Below we explain each of the actions that every victim must undertake from the moment the accident occurs:

Get out of the way

After the accident to avoid being run over by other vehicles that move along the road or that any of the vehicles involved in the accident explode, it is advisable to get safe on the side of the road.

To call the police

When out of danger, if you can call the police (911), report the accident and request medical help for you and the other drivers or passengers. If you are injured, you should try to prevent blood loss by placing a makeshift bandage over the wound or gently pressing on the injured area.

The police report is a major element that will accompany the claim or lawsuit for personal injury against a negligent third party. Without the police report it can be very difficult to prove that another person was responsible for the accident that caused the injuries.

Collect accident information

The description of the scene of the accident together with the collection of information about the witnesses and the other drivers and vehicles involved in the accident, is another important element to be taken into account after a car accident. The victim must take note of their names, telephone numbers, post office, insurance company and their respective policies.

If you cannot do so due to injuries, you should ask a witness to do it for you. It’s convenient to take pictures and videos of the accident, of the damage to the vehicle, etc. These tests will be necessary to accompany the claim or lawsuit that the car accident attorney will prepare.

Call a good lawyer

Having the help of an experienced car accident lawyer with proven negotiation skills to solve these cases satisfactorily is the complement of all the other steps that must be taken after an accident. Without the help of a good lawyer the chances of collecting a fair compensation are reduced.

To face the medical and rehabilitation expenses that come and the lack of income due to temporary or permanent disability caused by the injuries, it is fundamental to have a legal team available to take care of the administrative procedures of the claim or lawsuit and to fight for the compensation that the victim deserves.

It’s tremendously unfair that the other party (person or company responsible) that caused the physical damages (injuries) and material damages (partial or total destruction of the victim’s vehicle), doesn’t pay anything or pay less than it should, just because the victim didn’t have the necessary legal advice to recover damages.

The firm of Lluis Law in Los Angeles represents victims of car accidents regardless of their financial capacity. We usually work with contingency fees, which means that you will not pay anything unless we win the case.

After a car accident, you can recover damages by filing a claim with the insurance company of the person, company or entity responsible for the accident and injuries or before a civil court by means of a personal injury claim.

For more information on this topic and about our car accident lawyers, click on any of our two specialized sites: https://abogado.la/ or www.lluislaw.com

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