Types of car accidents in Los Angeles

Types of car accidents in Los Angeles

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Types of car accidents

The causes of car accidents in Los Angeles are very varied. Depending on the type of collision, it can be determined who was at fault, the type and severity of the injuries and who is responsible for the damage. Among the most common types of vehicle collisions are:

Rear collisions

These collisions usually cause serious injuries to the neck or back to the drivers of the collided vehicle. One of the most frequent injuries is the whiplash and sometimes the fracture of arms, hands or face. In these accidents it is very important to identify the person responsible to claim damages.

In general, it’s thought that the driver in the back is responsible for a rear-end collision accident. But this is not always the case, because the imprudence of the driver who is ahead can also cause the accident and be the one who has to face the payment of compensation to the rear driver.

Frontal collisions

These accidents are often caused by distracted drivers seeing messages on the phone, drunk, fatigued or when they look away from the road. Either by accident or intentionally, jumping the median line that divides the track can cause a very serious or fatal car accident.

Collisions with buses

Accidents with buses are usually very serious for other drivers or passengers, because they are very heavy vehicles and when colliding they cause greater physical and material damages.

In bus collisions, government agencies or public transport companies are almost always involved, so injured people can file a claim against negligent perpetrators, which can be: the driver, the company, the government agency or the city.

Truck collisions

As in bus accidents, collisions with cargo trucks (with trailer or semi-trailer) are extremely dangerous as well and cause real disasters in Los Angeles and throughout California. Each year dozens of people die in these accidents and others are disabled or suffer serious injuries.

Victims of serious injuries and financial damages may also file a claim and / or lawsuit to pursue damages against the negligent driver or the company owning the trucks, depending on the accident and what the personal injury attorney deems most appropriate.

Smash-ups T-Bone

Most of these collisions are caused by poor driving, although they can also be caused by brake failures, smooth tires, poor weather and road conditions and faulty traffic signaling.

These accidents are often the cause of very serious accidents, because the collision occurs on the side of the car. The car that hits them hits the driver or passengers directly, who are totally unprotected.

Motorcycle collisions

Motorcycle accidents are among the most common in Los Angeles. Sometimes they are caused by the negligence of the drivers when driving at excessive speed, distracted talking on the phone, following other vehicles or driving under influence.

However, other times it is the fault of the other drivers who move along the road and do not see the motorcyclists, suddenly change channels, brake sharply, give inappropriate turns or drive recklessly.

Pedestrian accidents

The negligence of drivers in general when driving, can cause very serious pedestrian accidents or leave fatal victims. It is based on the criterion that pedestrians have the right of way and other drivers always have a duty to protect pedestrians.

Among the most frequent causes of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles are: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and distracted drivers. Pedestrians who are victims of a driver’s negligent behavior can claim compensation.

Accidents of Lyft, Uber and taxis

Passengers who suffer accidents during a trip in Uber, Lyft or taxi can claim damage coverage from the responsible driver or the company. The compensation must cover medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages due to injuries caused by the accident.

Also if the driver of the taxi or an Uber / Lyft vehicle hit you, you can file a claim with the driver’s insurance company that was at fault. However, you must first prove: 1) the responsibility of the driver in the accident and 2) that your negligence was the cause of the injuries.

Rollovers of vehicles

Rollover accidents (vehicles roll on the pavement on one side or the roof), are extremely dangerous both for drivers of the overturned car and for other drivers on the road. SUV cars have a greater propensity to tip over than any other vehicle due to their design, since they have a higher center of gravity and therefore their stability is poor.

The most common causes of these accidents are: performing dangerous lane change maneuvers to avoid obstacles or other vehicles; the side impacts with other vehicles, the failures in the brake system or the explosion of a tire.

If you are involved in any car accident, you can recover damages by filing a claim with the insurance company of the person, company or entity responsible for the accident and injuries or before a civil court by means of an injury claim personal

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