Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

Lluis Law is one of the most important car accident law firms in Los Angeles, with accumulated experience of more than 40 years, which has won hundreds of cases for several million dollars in agreements and verdicts. If you were injured in a car accident, you deserve to receive fair compensation and we will do everything possible to make it so.

FREE consultation and no charges, unless we win.

We can help you with the filing of a claim or lawsuit to recover damages for personal injuries and property damage to the other party’s insurance company. We know how difficult it is for people who suffer a car accident, to have to deal with lawyers and insurance adjusters of the person responsible for the accident, who always try to underestimate the injuries and other damages caused.

We offer legal advice and guidance to our clients at each stage of the claim process. We negotiate directly with the insurance company reasonable settlement agreements that cover the medical and rehabilitation expenses of the victims, and their pain and suffering. When it’s not possible to reach an agreement, then we take the case to the courts.

Most common causes of car accidents in Los Angeles

Car accidents are mostly the result of driver errors and infractions, including:

– Excess speed

– Drive distracted

– Driving under the influence (DUI)

– Dangerous turn

– Driver fatigue

– Vehicle defects

– Violation of traffic signals

– Reckless driving

– Obstacles on the road

– Bad weather.

Negligence in car accidents in Los Angeles

To file a successful claim for a car accident, you must prove the negligence of the other party. One of the most crucial and complicated factors is precisely the determination of guilt. The person responsible for the accident must pay the victims the damages caused.

The most relevant elements that will be valued in the demonstration of the defendant’s negligence are the following:

  • The responsible driver had the duty to drive the vehicle safely;

  • However, the responsible driver violated that duty;

  • Reckless and illegal actions of the negligent driver caused the accident.

  • The accident was the direct cause of the claimant’s injuries and financial losses.

Sometimes accidents happen as a result of lack of maintenance, design failures or road damage; defective signage or broken traffic lights, whose responsibility is that of a government entity. Also, the defective parts of a vehicle (tires, brakes, etc.) can generate responsibility of the manufacturing companies or distributors by defect of product.

In all these cases it’s possible to file a claim for damages against the government agency, the city, the county or the responsible company. This process begins with the presentation of a claim notice to the government agency or the product manufacturing company.

The California Statute of Limitations establishes a period of 6 months, from the date of the injuries, to file a claim or lawsuit against the government and two years against individuals or companies responsible for personal injuries. An expert personal injury lawyer will help you facilitate the claim filing process and negotiate with the third party’s insurance company.

Additionally, in states such as California, Florida, Arizona and New York that are governed by the rule of “pure comparative negligence“, the defendant’s defense attorney will try to dilute as much as possible the fault of their client and instead try to distribute the fault of the accident with the victim.

If it is concluded that the injured driver had some percentage of fault in the accident, the payment of compensation for the injuries and property damage will be made in accordance with that percentage. So having an experienced and capable lawyer with enough skill to handle these types of cases is always a good idea.

Lluis Law’s lawyers offer to the clients all their negotiating skills and extensive knowledge of the law so that you can obtain the best agreement and the maximum possible compensation. Our car accident attorneys will seek to ensure that medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and any other future medical expenses are guaranteed in the settlement.

If the insurance company does not cooperate and tries to complicate the payment process, we take your case to litigation in a California court and we will do our best to see that justice is done and you get the compensation you deserve. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our satisfied customers throughout our successful professional career.

Legal Practice Areas

Among the legal services we provide in cases of traffic accidents and injuries are:

Car accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Truck accidents

Bus accidents

Accidents of Uber and Lyft

Drunk drivers

Unfair death in car accidents

Road accidents

Spinal cord injuries

Brain injuries

Burn injuries

Bone fractures

Medical negligence

Serious injuries and death.

If you are involved in an automobile accident, you can recover damages by filing a claim with the insurance company of the person, company or entity responsible for the accident and injuries, or before a civil court by means of a personal injury Lawsuit.

For more information on this topic and about our car accident lawyers, click on any of our two specialized sites: https://abogado.la/ or www.lluislaw.com

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